Proof that the Canterbury Psalter’s Leg-Hanging Mushroom Tree Is Psilocybe

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Michael Hoffman, November 19, 2020

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Canterbury Psalter, folio 134
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The 75 Mushroom Trees of the Canterbury Psalter
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Mushroom tree #71: leg-hanging, balance, sword, veil branches, blue stem, broken branches

Proof of Psilocybe in Christian Art

A Proof Based on Depictions of Analogies Describing Ultimate Mushroom Effects, not on Depictions of the Mushrooms Themselves

This article proves that in the Canterbury Psalter, the 3-cap mushroom tree with a man hanging from it by one leg, above a sword, is Psilocybe.

This article is a complete decoding and commentary on this illuminated manuscript image from the Canterbury Psalter which contains a 3-cap Psilocybe mushroom tree, with the right-hand branch cut off.

This proof is based on identifying descriptions of the highest effects from Psilocybe; this proof is not based on the physical attributes of the mushroom tree literally matching the surface form of Psilocybe.

The analysis method laid out in this article proves that Christianity has always been based on Psilocybe mushrooms; there must be full repeal of Psilocybe Prohibition.

The message that is transmitted, communicated, and conveyed by this mushroom tree, by the entire top row of the image, and by the entire image, is the loftiest possible message:

How to have stable self-control during the intense mystic altered state from mushrooms, by gaining a transformed, durable model of time, possibility, and control.

This complete, most-lofty analysis absolutely proves that the entire image represents and describes peak Psilocybe-induced experiencing and how to endure and accommodate it, and that the mushroom tree in this image is undoubtably Psilocybe.

The Entire Image Is a Cybernetic Control-Seizure Mechanism that Only Works if Mushroom-Powered

The mushroom tree is depicted within the flow of this image, in such a way as to make the image serve as a system, a transcendent communication and message, a device; a labyrinth mechanism which pulls-in and pulls upward the mind’s self-control system.

The image is a message from on high, from the altered-state mode of God-aware loose cognition, that draws the mind into self-testing, and leads the mind toward its mature potential for controlled cybernetic control-seizure of self-transcendence.

Following and tracing the message that is communicated in this religious image, inexorably culminates in the sacrificial self-cancellation of the mind’s incoherent, childhood-suited illusion about personal control power that’s based on a naive, incoherent branching-possibilities model of time and control, premised on confused, irrational thinking.

The mind’s initial, childhood-suited thinking is based on the premise of having and wielding the power of control to steer within a tree of branching possibilities; freewill-premised thinking within a presumed branching model of time and possibility.

This image incorporates the mushroom tree in a very specific, particular way, together with God’s sword of self-control death; {God} referring to the hidden, uncontrollable source of the mind’s control-thoughts.

The mushroom tree with the sword, sets up the sword as a stability condition; conditional stability; personal control in the mushroom-induced altered state is stable and viable if the mind contains and relies on the requisite model of time and control: the non-branching model, per Eternalism.

The sword in this image is packaged together with the mushroom tree, along with the {left limb} versus {right limb} contrast that is mapped to {branching} vs. {non-branching} thinking.

The sword and the “branching vs. non-branching” condition that are presented in this image are packaged together with the mushroom tree that’s of interest, forming a message-encoding that is corroborated by the explicit form of the pink key-tree.

The pink key-tree explicitly indicates that viable stability of personal control in the mushroom-induced altered state conditionally depends on which model of time, possibility, and control the mind uses: branching (not viable; perishable) or non-branching (viable and durable).

Simply Move Aside the Cover-up, to Reveal the Blatantly Obvious, Now Bolstered with Comprehension of Mythic Imagery

Mushrooms in art are obvious, especially now that such images are bolstered by comprehension of the patterns of mental transformation which are depicted by mushroom images together with other mythic imagery. Mythic images use analogies to describe such transformative altered-state experiencing.

This proof presented in this article shows that there has been, in effect, something like a cover-up, to make the entire world of religious scholars blind to the blatant, explicit, obvious, more-or-less literal presence of mushroom depictions all throughout Greek and Christian art.

We merely need to ignore the cries of objection from the Brinckmann/ Panofsky/ Wasson camp, those on the outside, to remove and simply move aside the cover-up and then we can easily, plainly, readily recognize that mushroom trees, and mushroom thickets, and branching and non-branching mushroom shapes and forms in Christian art, of course represent psychoactive mushrooms. Why would anyone have thought otherwise?

The brilliant, genius conclusion that in religious, mystical, mythical art, images of mushrooms represent mushrooms (shocking; who would’ve thought!), is obvious when we consider the matter sensibly from the perspective of mythemes that describe by analogies, the mind’s high potential to test itself and transform its mental model.

The mind’s built-in potential to test and challenge and probe its power over its own self-control-thoughts while in the loose cognitive state, produces regeneration into the adult form of thinking.

The adult form of thinking is characterized by non-branching possibilities per the Eternalism model of time and control, as asserted by the pink key-tree and {left & right limb usage or non-usage} when the mind’s control-system is placed precariously above the sword of God which is attached to this mushroom tree.

The adult form of thinking is conformant with the loose cognitive association state that is produced by ingesting psychoactive mushrooms, a state which reveals and makes perceptible God’s higher power of control over the mind and personal control system.

Here Is the Deal Which Mushrooms and the Mind’s Structures Offer

This revelatory article explaining this mushroom tree image which includes a sword and non-branching and an entire profound graphic storyline context, presents the following non-negotiable package deal from on high.

This is the deal that is offered by the transcendent structures in the mind, and by the inherent nature of what the mushroom experience itself ultimately reveals:

o You can have mushrooms all throughout broadly Greek and Christian art and culture throughout history.

o You can have the full repeal of mushroom Prohibition.

The price you have to be willing to pay is your {beloved first-born child-self}, mythically speaking by using analogies.

The price you have to be willing to pay is:

o You have to learn Analogical Psychedelic Eternalism; the Egodeath theory; the Cybernetic Theory of Ego Transcendence, as laid out in the plainest, most direct English here, assisted by the Psalter image.

o You have to learn religious mythology, as well-represented in Greek and Christian Mystery Religion including this Psalter image that is explained plainly here.

o You have to sacrifice freewill thinking within a branching-possibilities presumption, as explained and instructed in the image and in this article.

As the monk artists would say:

Whether or not you elect to accept this proposed deal, is up to God.

Normal Christianity Includes Abundant Awesome Mythic-level Religious Experiencing

The revelation in this article is given in order to confirm the complete experiential authenticity of Christianity through the Holy Spirit that is given by God in the form of Psilocybe.

A reward for studying this theory of interpretation is, getting to hang precariously by one leg above the sword of God along with the red-garment initiate on the de-branched mushroom tree, and learning how to endure this intense altered state which leads inexorably to self-testing and transformation of control.

This type of decipherment of this image’s message proves that the mushrooms found throughout Christian art represent Psilocybe; and firmly, completely supports the full repeal of Psilocybe Prohibition, based on religious grounds, such as religious history and Freedom of Religion.

Scholars have failed to actually look into the matter of mushrooms in Christian art, practice, and culture. Courts are incorrect if they presume that other religions, but not Christianity, have a “shamanic” origin and tradition.

This article proves that Christianity has always been based on Psilocybe mushrooms. Christianity is highly competent in the awesome mythic and religious experiencing department.

There is no need to travel away from Christianity, mistaking it as uninspired, bereft of Dionysus, lacking the actual effective Holy Spirit; no need to go running off after other religions that proffer authentic experiencing of God’s power, and that promise to serve the mind’s innate desire for transcendent, otherworldly experience.

The theory of intense mystic altered-state experiencing that is presented here, and the method of mytheme analysis that is presented here, proves that our religion, normal mainstream Christianity, is based on intense, transformative Psilocybe experiencing, throughout history.

This mushroom tree, with a man hanging from one leg above a sword, certainly represents Psilocybe, in the heart of Christian art.

The Image Depicts an Entire Traditional, Time-tested Mushroom Initiation Procedure

The Message Conveyed Is Mandatory for Utilizing Psychedelics

There’s talk of a “new psychedelic revolution”, but there is no way to research such Loose Cognitive Science without preliminary learning of the Transcendent Knowledge that is conveyed in this mushroom-tree image.

The valuable message conveyed in this image is the magic password of ego death that is required in order to pass through the gateway of transformation, to explore and utilize the psychedelic state.

The intense altered state has a gate that is guarded by God’s angel of death, the dragon guarding the high treasure; a guarded gate which repels and casts out in terror anyone who doesn’t have this knowledge, this wisdom.

Instead of trying to steer away from “the shadow”, trying in vain to forever avoid, repress, and suppress “the shadow”, this Theory shows how to effectively steer toward the {blade} vulnerability demonstration.

Touching the {blade} to egoic thinking {sacrifices} Naive-Possibilism-thinking, {false rulership}, switching instead to Eternalism along with Qualified-Possibilism.

There’s no talk of “the shadow” here, except in the furrowed brows of the failed students: the exact nature of the threatening danger is exposed and known, and how to conform with and endure the danger is known.

By entering into the initiation session with this religious knowledge, training, guidance, and prayer, the initiate comes away unharmed, but enlightened and spiritually transformed.

The Depicted Method of Mushroom Initiation Provides Safety, Reliability, and Scalability

This Psalter image establishes the requirements for teachers, students, and initiation guides, to relatively safely use mushrooms to head toward what outsiders call “the shadow”, which specifically is, transcendent cybernetic control seizure, and sacrifice of the childhood-suited illusion that’s built into the branching-possibilities model of time and control.

The method presented in the image, and spelled-out in plain English in this article, covers safety, reliability, and scalability, to deliver the most profound, the very highest religious breakthrough mystical experience — as routinely done, delivering spiritual regeneration on-tap, in the various ancient Mystery Initiation traditions:

o Caution and Safety — This approach leads up to full control-seizure and mental model transformation in the most cautious and safe way possible.

o Reliability and Effectiveness — This approach provides the classic regeneration experience as effectively and reliably as possible; routinely on-tap.

o Scalability and Availability — This approach makes the cybernetic seizure and regeneration experience available and accessible to the most people, the greatest number of people possible.

The method encoded and communicated in this package-deal “mushroom, sword, and non-branching” image, is immediately and freely available to everyone who can understand and endure control-seizure and the sacrifice and purification of the childhood mental structures.

Initiation preserves the childhood mental structures intact, fully usable, and without any harm; just identifying, separating, and putting away childhood illusion, while gaining the Eternalism model of thinking about time and control.

With this article and image in hand, everyone who is able, can now sacrifice and move beyond the childhood mental structures that were taken as if metaphysically real, while yet fully preserving these required, treasured and beloved mental structures, without any harm.

These preliminary requirements for caution and safety; reliability and effectiveness; and scalable efficacy exactly fit the pattern of the Lesser and Greater Mysteries of Eleusis.

In Mystery Religion initiation on the pattern of Eleusis and depicted in the class teaching and testing scene in the upper left of this image, candidates are first instructed on theoretical book learning of the meaning of mythology as description of personal control seizure and transformation.

Only after that completed education in the ordinary state, the candidates for initiation who pass the examination, can become full-on initiates, who are prepared and ready to engage in entheogenic, real-world, in-practice, first-hand experience, of the experiences which are described, or encoded for communication, by analogies in religious mythology.

Religious mythology depicts the loose cognitive association that is reliably and strongly produced only by entheogens, a state that produces mental dynamics that are described as mania, frenzy, or rapture by the power of the Holy Spirit.

This Holy Spirit mania state, produced by ingesting the sacred meal of mushrooms provided by God, leads the mind to access its innate structure and climax potential of self-probing and control-testing, that inexorably leads to the sacrifice of childhood-suited, temporary, transient, perishable thinking, and regeneration of the mind regarding the mental model of control, possibility, and time.

This image is a mushroom-powered cybernetic control seizure mechanism, that only works if powered and activated by psychoactive mushrooms — thus proving that the mushroom tree depicted must be Psilocybe.

This same perspective from on high, above the mind’s cybernetic self-control system and getting a good look at it, likewise proves that all the other mushroom images in this Psalter and throughout Greek and Christian art are also representations of psychoactive mushrooms, whether the images match Psilocybe, Liberty Cap, or Amanita, in their various outward shapes, textures, and colors.

Qualifications That Are Required for a Completely Experienced Religious Initiation Guide: What ‘Wisdom’ Is

This illuminated manuscript image first depicts a teacher who knows the highest wisdom about self-control seizure, teaching students about how to endure Psilocybe and be spiritually regenerated.

The image then depicts a completely experienced, God-fearing religious initiation guide at a sacred-food Psilocybe banquet, not partaking.

The religious teacher, wise from full initiation into cancelling his personal control-thinking, and the religious initiation guide, teach the initiates how to effectively wield the controlled threat of loss-of-control, so as to correctly re-align their self-control.

The ultimately experienced teacher, and the initiation guide, teach the initiates how to consciously put trust in God as the ultimate controller and the actual source of their control-thoughts.

There is no vague talk about “the shadow” here, which amounts to saying “HERE BE DRAGONS”; meaning dangerous uncharted territory.

The completely experienced instructors who are depicted in this image know all about exactly what the inherent danger involves, in the altered-state exercise of pointedly revealing the mind’s control-vulnerability, in such a way as to successfully cause mental transformation into the coherent, durable, mature configuration.

The religious guide, and the wise, fully experienced religious teacher, know the real nature of sacrifice, prayer, God’s wrath, repentance, God’s mercy, and religious regeneration.

Students Are Required to Fully Understand Eternalism First, Before Permitted to Become Initiates in Practice

This preliminary theoretical training of {youths} and {maidens} before actual initiation, is like the Lesser Mysteries of Eleusis; pre-initiation.

A {youth} or {maiden} is a person who still thinks in terms of Naive-Possibilism; not fully initiated yet to convert to mature thinking, which is Eternalism.

A student is not permitted to become an initiate, until the student fully passes the exam to prove that the student has full theoretical understanding of the present article; knowing Eternalism and the {sacrifice} process of transforming to Eternalism-thinking (along with fully preserved and unharmed, Qualified-Possibilism-thinking).

Only 1 out of 4 students pass the exam in the upper left of the image.

The student must first prove that the student has complete understanding of Transcendent Knowledge; the Egodeath theory; Analogical Psychedelic Eternalism; the Cybernetic Theory of Ego Transcendence; the present article and the complete image which this article explains.

I have laid out that Theory in direct, plain language in this article; linked articles; and the Egodeath site, such as the main article there.

Students who have an incomplete understanding of Eternalism are not permitted to banquet and be on mushrooms above God’s sword.

The strict prerequisite before banqueting and being on mushrooms above God’s sword is, students are instructed and tested by the completely initiated teacher, to ensure that they first have complete understanding of the Eternalism model of time, branching possibilities, and control.

Students must be taught how to pray and trust in the hidden control source before, during, and after initiation; for example, Jonah’s prayer in the “whale” (ketos; short sea-serpent):

“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them. But I, with shouts of grateful praise, will sacrifice to you. Salvation comes from the Lord.”

And, for example, the verses near this image in the Psalter.

Students must understand, for example, {fatal snake bite} and why looking at Moses’ {rigid bronze serpent on a de-branched pole} {cures} and restabilizes control.

Students are first trained, educated, and tested about (in theory) how to consciously put full trust in God as the source of control-thoughts, given that God is always the hidden uncontrollable source of control thoughts.

Students must first study this image, aided by the present article and a completely initiated teacher.

Students are required to understand {sacrifice} of child-mode delusion on the model of {Abraham’s child Isaac} and the {ram caught helplessly in the thicket}.

Students must first fully understand {charitable mercy and good judgment} and {breaking the bow}, to relent when the mind has cybernetically seized and tested its power against itself; sufficiently demonstrated to itself its dependent power.

The student must demonstrate that they consciously understand that the mind’s control system is dependent on the hidden uncontrollable source of control-thoughts.

Knowing the entire present article and image it explains, is a strict requirement, before the teacher permits the students to become initiates, banquet, and be on mushrooms above God’s sword.

The teacher is shown examining the students, and rejecting the students who have an incomplete understanding of the Eternalism model of time, branching possibilities, and control, and theoretically how to consciously put full trust in God as the source of control-thoughts, given that God is always the hidden uncontrollable source of control thoughts.

Students are required to score 2 out of 2; having the {right foot down} and displaying the {right hand}, with completely un-furrowed brow, per the front-left student.

Students are not passed if they have a mixture of understanding, scoring 1 out of 2, such as {right foot down} and {left hand displayed}, with slightly furrowed brow (per the front-right student).

Students are not passed if they score 0 out of 2, with {left foot down} and {left hand displayed}, with {very furrowed brow} (implied for the two students in the back row, whose feet are not shown).

The Complete Mushroom Initiation Storyline in Pictures

Scenes in the Whole Image, in Temporal Order

The top row coherently depicts and communicates a storyline which includes the following stages as scenes:

1. Act 1: Teacher with students — On the left, a teaching and examination session with a mature, wise, experienced teacher, and students who conditionally graduate.

2. Act 2: Sacred meal — A sacred meal of Psilocybe with a religious initiation guide and father present, not partaking.

3. Act 3: Pulled toward God by an angel for testing — The initiate is pulled into self-testing by a messenger-angel from God. The religious initiate is carried off into the Holy Spirit altered state by an angel from God; receiving ideas about testing personal control power while in the altered state of loose cognitive association binding.

4. Act 4: Vulnerable to God’s sword on mushrooms — The religious initiate is placed in a precarious position by the angel, messenger from God (the true, ultimate source & controller of control-thoughts). In the intense altered state, the mind seeks to probe and explore its control-integrity, and is innately drawn to ideas about self-testing and control-vulnerability.

5. Act 5: The Psalter viewer gets pulled into the center of the story — The person who is looking at the Psalter image thinks of the meaning of the initiates on mushrooms above God’s sword; reviews their training and testing (upper left); their banquet coaching (upper right); their being pulled upward by angel thoughts (upper mid-right); and ending up balancing on the tree (upper mid-left).

The viewer of the image thinks of challenging the mind’s control, and mercifully and charitably relenting. Any remaining old-thinking pollution, impurity, or childhood illusion is sacrificed, gaining Transcendent Knowledge, yet retaining functioning child-mode thinking, without any harm.

5. Act 5: Daily life — In the lower rows, mundane life then resumes, expressed with mystic analogies of plowing, sowing, reaping, eating, warring, and religious study.

Scenes in the Top Row, from Left to Right

In order from left to right. Numbering = temporal sequence.

1. Transformed teacher, testing students. (1 out of 4 has the required thinking.)

2. Pink key-tree (left = branching = instability; right = non-branching = stability).

5. Mushroom tree with qualified initiates being tested and transformed in practice.

0. God as source and paradigm of valid, stable control (left hand = null power = branching-illusion).

4. Angel bringing initiate for transformation after eating.

3. Sacred meal banquet with qualified {maiden}/student (the viewer), transformed guide, initiate’s transformed father, and qualified {youth}/student.

The initiates on mushrooms are vulnerable to falling onto the ultimate controller’s sword, until their thinking is stabilized by repudiating their initial, branching-premised thinking about control, and by instead adopting the non-branching way of thinking about control, possibility, and the ultimate source of control.

Recognizing Depictions of Transformative Effects

Method of Decoding Mytheme Analogies in Esoteric Art

The reward for reading this article and learning the Theory which it presents is:
o Proof that there are countless Psilocybe mushrooms all throughout Christian art.
o Proof that Christianity has always incorporated Psilocybe.
o The entire repeal of Prohibition of Psilocybe mushrooms.
o Learning how to recognize Greek & Christian art describing mushroom experiencing.
o Learning gnosis; Transcendent Knowledge.

Defining “Compelling Evidence” & “Criteria of Proof” for Mushrooms in Christian Art
That article defines three levels of evidence:
o Literal depictions of the physical form of mushrooms.
o Mythemes that describe the physical form of mushrooms, by analogy.
o Mythemes that describe the effects which result from mushrooms, including mental model transformation from a branching to a non-branching model of time, possibility, and control.

Understanding this proof requires the Egodeath theory, which is Analogical Psychedelic Eternalism, which I have laid out here, summarized in plain, direct language.

The Image Matches Psilocybe’s Effects of Self-Cancellation: Viable Control Depends on Understanding Non-Branching Possibilities and God’s Ultimate Control of Thoughts

The entire image exactly describes the distinctive, extreme, transformative effects of Psilocybe, in a complete, coherent, consistent storyline, in which the mind is brought to test its control and pass muster upon adopting the non-branching model of time and control.

The story in the pictures proves that the mushroom tree is Psilocybe, by coherently describing the peak transformational religious experiencing which Psilocybe intensely and reliably causes.

This illuminated art work is successfully read and interpreted in a compellingly coherent way that is laid out plainly here, as a description of mental model transformation from the Possibilism to the Eternalism model of time and control, intensely experienced in the altered state that reliably results from Psilocybe.

The situation that is depicted and described in this art work by use of analogies, exactly describes the peak, ultimate, intense transformational crisis that results from Psilocybe — exactly as depicted: an uneasy sacred meal, then carried away to be placed precariously above God’s sword while receiving thoughts of wrath and mercy.

The mature, completed initiate now has a modified, corrected understanding of personal control. In the remainder of the image, mundane life is depicted through mystic analogies, high comedy, and meaningful absurdity, representing the self-cancellation of the old, childhood-suited mental model.

The initiate is mentally placed in a precarious testing situation where the mind is made to conform with a non-branching model of personal control power, possibility, and time.

The mind is regenerated and made conformant with God-mode thinking.

Instead of looking for the physical form of mushrooms in this image, like the Minimal mushroom theorists, I look for {branching vs. non-branching}, {blade}, and {testing} themes, which describe by analogies, the ultimate transformative experiential effects from ingesting mushrooms.

An Image Designed to Communicate the Highest and Innermost Information

It is the world’s loftiest puzzle, an image-based communication of a subtle and intense message about personal control transformation in the loose cognitive state.

This image is a strong, highly coherent communication message, like a caduceus carried by the transcendent messenger of mythic knowledge. Receiving this message involves the highest kind of decryption, decoding, deciphering – compare the Rosetta Stone.

This message was in no way designed to obscure, but was entirely designed to communicate, to convey the highest observations about how the mind works in the intense mystic altered state.

This image provides instructions about how to conform with the mystic altered state, in order to have viable control and coherent thinking that endures.

Mythic art communicates in this mode, writing and reading using this analogy-based language of mythemes and motifs, including broad Greek and Christian art.

This image is the opposite of obscurantist. This image tries to communicate, not occlude: it even includes the pink key-tree to confirm the reading or decoding of the lofty message about branching vs. non-branching possibilities, and viable control in the altered state.

The Fluency Brought to this Decoding Problem

A few days ago, I was aware of nothing but the image of the mushroom tree itself, separated from the rest of this image, as if a free-floating, isolated image that actually had no surrounding context, with a random blue wavy area on the right. I was not aware of the existence of the Psalter or surrounding areas of the image.

The only thing I knew was this blurry, out-of-context cropped image, yet I was able to quickly decode the {non-branching}, {left and right limb}, and {sword} aspects, based on my knowledge of other art and mythemes:


After Cyberdisciple located the source image, it took me a couple more days to decode the class session on the left and the pink key-tree, restricting myself to the top row of the image, to unpack the dense meaning and cross-connect meanings within the top row.

Then I reluctantly allowed myself to glance at the remainder of the complete image; rows 2 & 3. I didn’t want to get sucked into decoding the entire image.

As an expert at mapping mythemes to Eternalism, it took almost a week to decode and document the complete image, to fully explain the mushroom tree in its context of the entire image in the Psalter.

I still have barely glanced at the rest of the Psalter, but clearly it confirms everything here.

The information conveyed in this entire image is so lofty, that even with this art (this clear-cut image-based coherent expression of that loftiest knowledge), combined with expertise in Transcendent Knowledge and mythemes, it still took me four days (and more) to fully decode the image and write-out the communication for everyone here.

I was fluent from having decoded mythemes in other art; I used that literacy to read this context-free mushroom tree image in a series of easy steps; then the entire top row; then the entire page.

Since I knew the Cybernetic Theory of Ego Transcendence; the Egodeath theory; Analogical Psychedelic Eternalism; and Transcendent Knowledge, this decoding-puzzle was perfect for me.

Receiving this imagery-expressed communication across time and place requires a sophisticated, complete, mature, well-developed comprehension of both the mystic state and analogy-based descriptions of it.

I explain this loftiest message here in plain language, for everyone to readily learn, using my latest, clearest wording, supplemented by my many other, directly relevant writings and research leads.

To successfully receive the message, the viewer must know enough about the referent domain of mystic-state experiencing, and the artistic language of mythemes, to decode and receive the message.

Trees & Limbs, Branching & Non-branching

Unnatural Branching Identifies Psilocybe in Christian Art

The Minimalist, literalist outsiders, superficial thinkers on this topic, expect to identify mushrooms in art by only looking at the mundane surface forms of plants.

Minimalists maintain that there are no mushrooms in Christianity, and there is no possibility of compelling evidence for mushrooms in Christianity. Any mushrooms that appear, are to be quickly explained away. Minimalists hold the minimal mushroom theory of Christianity.

In fact, we know these are psychoactive mushrooms, because they do not look exactly like mushrooms, but instead, have added {branching} under the caps, representing knowledge of one’s non-branching worldline in the block universe.

An instructional hypothetical question: How could one tell the difference between a non-psychoactive mushroom vs. a psychoactive mushroom, in religious art?

Answer: The psychoactive mushroom has branches under the cap, or another otherworldly, unnatural branching feature, as a message of transcendence.

The angel’s ego-transcendent {message} that causes self-control seizure, panic, ego death, profound transformation, rescue from peril, and spiritual regeneration, is about branching vs. non-branching possibilities, including the personal cybernetic power to steer among possibilities.

The presence of altered-state mythemes such as {threat of death, branching, hand on heart, and hand gesturing toward the situation} show that this image is a depiction of altered-state mental model transformation; therefore the mushrooms represent specifically psychoactive mushrooms.

Trees Shape: The Simple Pink Tree Is the Decoding-Confirmation Key

Mytheme-decoding of this image is all about consistency of the mytheme patterns, defined so wonderfully explicitly by the pink tree, which is the confirmatory decoding key and an instructional aid used by the class session on the left.

The pink tree is much clearer regarding the cut branch being on the right. The blue tree, its cut branch is barely on the right, and the branch splits off so near to the ground, and is cut so low, that it only reads as “stump”, not “branch”. The pink right branch really is a branch, with some significant length.

The smaller, pink, non-mushroid tree, and the larger, mushroom tree, are isomorphic: both have a trunk, one cut-off branch on the {right}, and one intact branch on the {left} that branches into three branches.

The two isomorphic trees confirm the valuation pattern:
o {left} = bad; illusory; unstable control; Possibilism; branching-thinking.
o {right} = good; real; stable control; Eternalism; non-branching-thinking.

The left, branching major branch of the pink tree approximately touches the left, branching major branch of the mushroom tree, indicating that what’s true of the one, is true of the other; or should we say, “what’s false of the one, is false of the other”.

This is not “matching by isomorphism”, but instead and also, “matching by touching”. In case all the other corroborations and signals and redundancy confirmation checks weren’t enough.

No Use of {serpent} or {rock} Mythemes

This diagram does not use the mytheme {serpent} to depict worldline, or {rock} to depict block universe.

This diagram only relies on the mythemes {left vs. right limb} and {branching vs. non-branching}, together with {sword} for cybernetic death, to focus on the control-death aspect of the two worldmodels.

The red initiate securely hangs from a long, serpentine, non-branching stem. In mytheme art, branching vs. non-branching is a matter of degree, for practical artistic purposes.

Ivy is considered to be non-branching, because it relatively rarely branches.

Although one could say that “the red initiate is saved from falling thanks to a branch”, that’s not a branching spot.

The red initiate’s “good”, {right leg} is on a straight, non-branching portion of the limb, far away from major, “evil” {branching}. It’s a matter of emphasis.

This art is extremely deliberate; there’s almost no slop or accident; most every aspect has been painstakingly weighed, considered, and decided with some deliberation and awareness of the signalling, by the monks who designed this highly intelligent art composition, an intricate communication.

This art piece exudes intelligence and deliberation, a dense transmission of coherent intention and meaning, which keeps revealing more and more depth, after days of decoding it.

Trees Shape: How to Establish Left = Possibilism, Right = Eternalism

{left} and {right} are arbitrarily and traditionally assigned to the two models, to keep track of them; to enable referring to one or the other of the models.

{branching} and {non-branching} are used to describe or characterize one of the key differences between the two different models of control and time, omitting use of the mythemes {snake} (worldline) and {rock} (block universe).

“Floating in mid-air offering no protection from death” is assigned to {left}, to (in contrast) communicate that the {right}, {cut-branch}, non-branching model is the viable, life-preserving model of control and time.

The function of the pink tree is to provide a simplified morphological schematic without any distracting mushroom or men, inviting us purely to focus on contrasting branching (on the {left}) vs. de-branched (on the {right}), and serving to confirm our interpretive experiment: it messages to the viewer, “Yes, you understand this message”.

The isomorphic, duplicated branching of the two trees communicates the consistent mapping, that in this diagram, {left limb} means branching, thus Possibilism; and {right limb} means non-branching, thus Eternalism.

Class Session: The Good Student and the Bad Students

Exam Question: Which Hand to Rely On When in Peril and Put to the Test for Viable Control Stability?

Consider the hand positions in this image:

Exam Question:
Which hand is good, and which hand is bad?
That is, which hand to rely on, when in peril; which branching-model to rely on, to save one from control-system failure?

The Students Display Their Answers

The Grading System

These are capable, clever artists, packing-in so much communication of information: they express three levels of comprehension among the class.

It’s a class of four students.

Two students are fully visible in the front row; that is, with feet and hands visible.

The exam consists of two questions for which to give an answer, the answer being indicated as follows:
Which hand displayed?
Which foot down?

The only exam-answers which we can see for the two back-row students, is the hand, not the feet (that is, whether a student’s left foot or right foot is down).

There are three possible grade levels:
A — correct foot down & correct hand displayed.
C — correct foot down & incorrect hand displayed.
C — incorrect foot down & correct hand displayed.
F — incorrect foot down & incorrect hand displayed.

Further details of that analysis:

Assume that one foot being up, means that the other foot is down. This gives 4 combinations (one feet-configuration, one hand-configuration), the middle two combinations being equivalent.

There are four theoretically possible combinations, to represent three grade levels:

‘A’ grade — 11; correct foot, correct hand; right foot down, right hand displayed.
Score: 2 out of 2. Fully correct understanding. Unfurrowed brow.
Passed; the student is allowed to banquet and be initiated on mushrooms above God’s sword.

‘C’ grade — 10; correct foot, wrong hand; right foot down, left hand displayed.
Score: 1 out of 2. Half incorrect understanding. Slightly furrowed brow.
Not Passed; the student is not allowed to banquet and be initiated on mushrooms above God’s sword.

‘C’ grade — 01; wrong foot, correct hand; left foot down, right hand displayed.
Score: 1 out of 2. Half incorrect understanding. Not depicted; would be slightly furrowed brow.
Not Passed; the student is not allowed to banquet and be initiated on mushrooms above God’s sword.

‘F’ grade — 00; wrong foot, wrong hand; left foot down, left hand displayed.
Score: 0 out of 2. Completely incorrect understanding; very furrowed brow.
Not Passed; the student is not allowed to banquet and be initiated on mushrooms above God’s sword.

The Students’ Grades on the Exam

Students must fully pass this “Possibilism vs. Eternalism” exam, or else they aren’t allowed to be on mushrooms above God’s sword.

The student on the left passes.
The pink-undergarment student, to the left of the teacher, confidently gives the correct answer with completely un-furrowed brow, displaying his {right hand} (Eternalism); that’s why he’s permitted to pass the exam and continue on to banquet and be on mushrooms, so he gets to appear twice more in the top row for the school yearbook, as the pink initiate.

The successful student has studied the present article and fully understands it. He is the one good student among the class of four.

The three students on the right don’t pass.
The student with feet on the right and only slightly furrowed brow, half-gets it: his right foot is correctly down, left foot up — but he incorrectly displays his left hand.

The other two students, with fearful, furrowed brow, give the incorrect answer, displaying their {left hand} (Possibilism); and either having left or right foot down; not shown — we can assume they all had the correct foot as the front-right student shows. The don’t pass the exam.

For their own safety, they are not allowed to banquet and be on mushrooms, nor to appear in any other photos in the top row for the yearbook.

The teacher:
The teacher doesn’t need to look at the initiates on the mushroom tree; he already understands, and is examining the good student’s thinking.

The teacher has successfully communicated the full understanding to the good student.

The teacher’s expression shows that he is testing the student; and this student displays the fully correct answer.

The other candidate {youths}/students are still incorrectly thinking partly in terms of {left hand} Possibilism; Literalist Ordinary-state Possibilism, even though the front student has the correct foot down (the back students’ feet we can’t see) — I think I recognize them.

The teacher is Cybermonk.

The smart student is Max Freakout and Cyberdisciple, who pass the exam and so are coached further at the banquet, and are then permitted to be on mushrooms and blade-instruct themselves into a God-conformant new mental model, putting their well-studied, theoretical understanding of Eternalism into practice, first-hand.

The flunked students are Brinckmann, Panofsky, Wasson, Letcher, and Hatsis; they give the wrong answer, according to their default presumptions, they flunk the exam, and for their own safety, they are not permitted to banquet and be on mushrooms, nor to appear in any other places in the school yearbook, the illuminated manuscript, except in the oxen scene down on row 3.

However, as a cautionary example of failure, the bad students’ images of giving the foolish, wrong answer are captured, and remain in the yearbook for the next 800 years.

High While Passing the Exam, or After Banquet Afterwards?

It’s the same guy, Pink initiate, 3 times in the top row of the Canterbury Psalter “mushroom tree/ hanging/ sword” image, in the same picture, but representing 3 different times:

  1. Passing the exam, on the left end of the top row. He’s not allowed to banquet yet, so how come he already has a lifted garment, which indicates the altered state?
  2. Just finished 2 bowls at the banquet, on the right end of the top row.
  3. In the altered state after the banquet, sitting balancing in the tree.
The leftmost student correctly lifts left foot and displays right hand. His blue garment is emphatically lifted, communicated with certainty by the white line of the upper garment lift near his right pinkie finger.

A figure can appear twice in one image, meaning, different points in time. It’s not a snapshot of a point in time; it’s a storyline within an image; it’s like panels in a comic page.

A similar allowance can explain the following contradiction:

  • The image depicts a strict requirement of “candidates for initiation are required to pass an exam, before allowed to banquet”.
  • The Passing student on left end, currently being examined, already has a lifted garment, indicating the altered state.
  • The altered state can only happen through banqueting; “mystic contemplation to induce the altered state” is untrue.

On the left, Pink has passed the exam at that point, but he hasn’t gone on yet to sit at right side of top row and finish ingesting 2 bowls.


Pink’s lifted garment, on the left end of the row, means, “destined for the altered state”; I do not read him as being in the altered state at the time of the exam.

“Displaying your correct, right hand, during the exam, will get you to the banquet, to be balancing high on mushroom trees above God’s sword.”

Displaying the right hand during the exam wins (is associated with) being high later.

Showing the right hand is the way toward the banquet that results in balancing high on the mushroom tree.

The Pink initiate is tied together in all 3 scenes:

  1. Lifted garment (altered state) during exam, on left.
  2. Just finished ingesting double bowls, on right.
  3. Balancing high on mushroom trees, center.
Students Who Gave Wrong Answer Appear Elsewhere

Have you seen these youths around town? Former students, it didn’t work out.

The happy brute getting grain poured into his sack is one of the few with the wrong foot on the ground, his left foot (he is affirming Naive-Possibilism-thinking). Grain is more useful than gnosis.

I think it’s Wasson — there’s an uncanny resemblance.

Banquet Meal, then Pulled by Angel by Right Limb

The Sacred Meal and the Barrier Column Between Mundane and God-Consciousness

There is a full-height barrier column to the right of God, between the angel and the spiritual-food banqueters who are beginning their celestial loose-cognitive voyage.

The column divides the ordinary state from the altered state. The barrier column means separated from God-awareness, in the ordinary state of consciousness (tight cognitive association binding).

{Foot/base of column} represents stability.

There’s the same placement of the barrier-column and mushroom tree, making them equivalent.

By the same symmetry, the observers on the left are in the ordinary state, with the mundane pink tree.

Everything to the left of the mushroom tree is in the same, ordinary (but spiritually observant) state of consciousness.

The zone of altered-state God-awareness (God-consciousness, God-mode thinking), is from the mushroom tree to the barrier-column.

The observers on the left observe the altered-state representations, the peak altered-state phenomena that are depicted and visually described.

The meal banqueters on the right are consuming the entheogen that causes the peak altered-state phenomena that are depicted and visually described.

The horizontal placement of the barrier-column is symmetrically placed with the mushroom tree, corroborating that the column represents the switch from ordinary state to altered state; think of the mushroom as being overlaid onto the column, serving as a gateway or portal to the otherworld of Mythemeland.

The column and the mushroom tree are in exactly equivalent spots. This confirms the interpretation of the column as the barrier between tight cognitive state and the loose cognitive state. What causes the shift from tight cog to loose cog? Look to the same spot on the other side for the answer: the mushroom (tree).

Having cleared his bowl of the mushrooms provided by God, while the others are still eating them, one of the entheogenic banqueters (the red initiate) — the same who later hangs above the sword — is now lifted off the ground in the altered state, supported and pulled (by his {right arm}) by an angel, messenger of God; a messenger of Possibilism vs. Eternalism.

The entheogenic banqueter (the red initiate) who has taken off is supported and pulled by the angel of God by his {right arm}, emphatically not by his {left arm raised up floating} in the air, nor by his {feet} in the ordinary state on the right-hand side of the column, where we are blocked from seeing God’s power.

[10:32 p.m. February 2, 2021] – Correction. I finally recognized now that his feet are not to be read as “floating”, but clearly can be read and are to be read as “right foot on column; left foot floating”. This image embarrasses me month after month; this image continues to reveal “obvious” things that I was blind to and dense about. I added the following observation and struck my incorrect statement above, “supported … nor by his {feet}”. Below, I now added a zoomed, cropped image of his feet to look again. I did look intently before, specifically at his feet, and failed to figure out the reading of his feet; now it is obvious — why couldn’t I figure out the obvious reading, before? I think I evaluated his feet very early on, in my November interpretation pass.
The red initiate’s right foot rests on the stable column, and his left foot floats in thin-air, giving no purchase or support. Here’s what’s different this time:

  1. When I started decoding this image, I looked at his feet, and they didn’t seem to be firmly, sufficiently resting on the base, nor floating.
  2. I decoded all feet in the entire image, but didn’t re-look at these feet enough.
  3. Much later, after evaluating and thinking about all the feet in the image, I took another look, casually, at his feet, and finally now saw – based on the “rules” of how “foot resting on base” is depicted throughout the image – that his feet clearly fit the pattern; his feet are sufficiently on or off of the column base. I had to develop a solid, reliable basis and grounding for judgment on this matter, after comparing all other feet in the image, to see what constitutes “resting on the column base”. -mh, Feb. 2, 2021.
Added crop [10:32 p.m. February 2, 2021]. Right foot rests on stable column base, left foot floats in thin air – thus following the pattern of this overall image.

{Left arm} means Possibilism-thinking.
{Right arm} means Eternalism-thinking.

outdated, first-pass November attempt to treat the apparently “floating feet”:

{Both of the red initiate’s feet together off the ground} is a different kind of meaning, more like ordinary comic book than a mytheme. It means that the red initiate is not using his accustomed Naive Possibilism-based control-thinking (and experiencing).

The red initiate’s feet are not on the ground and on the base of the column; his usual self-control basis is suspended. Compare shoes that are partly resting on other column-bases.

The theme of “resting on the base of a column” is probably less consistent or ubiquitous than the use of hands and arms in the upper row; it is less of a critical driving theme, and is used more opportunistically, as a lower priority to drive the placement of items.

The red initiate’s accustomed control-system is in abeyance.

The referent or meaning of “both feet together floating at the top of the column foot, base, or foundation” is somewhat different than “left hand grasping at thin air without purchase, in the altered state as virtual Possibilism-power fails”.

“Both feet together floating” is negative; it means “not the mind’s regular control-thinking/experiencing”; “regular control-thinking and control-experiencing is in abeyance.”

/end of outdated, first-pass November attempt to treat the apparently “floating feet”

On the right side of the cloud of God, an angel is coming forth from the realm of God, holding up the red initiate {beardless youth} by his {right arm} (Eternalism-thinking).

The red initiate’s {left arm and hand} (Possibilism-thinking) is {floating in mid-air}, offering no support for personal control stability.

Timeline for Initiates Finishing Eating, Getting Placed in Tree, then Almost Falling Onto the Sword

There are two initiates in the tree at the same time: first the red initiate, hanging, then after that, joining him, the pink initiate, sitting near the branch in the tree.

1a. First, the red initiate ({youth}) finishes eating his white bowl (while pink is still eating two bowls).
1b. Then, the angel pulls the red initiate (initiate #1) by the {right arm} (Eternalism-thinking).
1c. The angel then places initiate #1, the red initiate, hanging in the tree above the sword.

2a. Trailing some time behind red, the pink initiate-{youth} finally finishes consuming his two bowls.
2b. The angel pulls the pink initiate by the {right limb}.
2c. The angel places the pink initiate to sit near the branch of the tree, overlooking the red initiate who is hanging. That’s the state that the left scene shows.

3a. Third, not shown, in the future, on the right, the {maiden} will finish eating.
3b. It’s implied that in the future, the angel will pull the {maiden} up into God-mode thinking, by her {right arm}.
3c. The angel will then place the {maiden} in the tree in some position, to be vulnerable to falling on the sword if she maintains branching-thinking and its model of control.

Note: {threatened to almost meet a blade} = for example, the sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham — or rather, of the ram which got himself stuck helplessly in a thicket.

Genesis 22:12-13 — The Sacrifice of Isaac’s thicket-caught ram — the angel/ram verses:;NIV


On the right side of the image, on the left side of the barrier-column, the red initiate is pulled by an angel coming out of God’s cloud or aura — the blue band.

The red initiate is pulled by the angel by his {right arm} (Eternalism-thinking), while his {left arm} (Possibilism-thinking) extends up, floating helplessly in mid-air.

The red initiate’s {right arm} (Eternalism-thinking) is pulled by, and attached to, the stability that’s dependent on the angel, though the angel is about to hang him above the threatening sword; meanwhile, the red initiate’s {left arm} (Possibilism-thinking) floats free without offering any control-stability; no purchase for control, no foundation, no ground, no basis to support control-power.

The placement of the red initiate in relation to the barrier-pillar:

The red initiate bends, where his body crosses the state-boundary.

The red initiate’s feet extend down straight to the base of pillar, on the ordinary-state, right side of the boundary-pillar.

A full-height spear or pillar dividing a scene marks a major contrast:
tight cognition/loose cognition
ordinary state/ altered state
Naive Possibilism/ Eternalism + Qualified Possibilism

The barrier-column is the gateway between the tight cognitive and loose cognitive states; the ordinary state vs. the altered state.

The left side of the barrier-column shows that the loose cognitive state lets us distinguish the two models of control.

On the right side of the barrier-column, the red initiate’s legs are together, indicating that he only knows one model of time, possibility, and control; he only knows Naive Possibilism.

On the left side of the barrier-column, the red initiate’s arms are spread emphatically far apart, indicating that he has become highly aware of a new model (Eternalism ) in stark contrast to the old model (Naive Possibilism).

After initiation, the initiate possesses two mental models of time, possibility, and control: Qualified-Possibilism, and Eternalism.

In the loose cognitive state, there is a clear difference between the two models of time and control:

The loose cognitive state is the realm of experiencing the Eternalism model.
The tight cognitive state is the land of the Possibilism model.

Before initiation, the mind has the Naive-Possibilism model.
After completion of initiation, the mind has the Qualified-Possibilism model and the Eternalism model.

The loose cognitive state introduces a new model to the mind, that contrasts with the old model, so the initiate becomes now aware of the existence of two models: old vs. new.

Lack of {left vs. right} pattern on the right side of the barrier column

outdated, first-pass November attempt to treat the apparently “floating feet”:

The {left vs. right} rules do not apply in the ordinary state (tight cognitive association binding), to the right of the barrier column.

The column sets up a sharp contrast: to the left of the column, the {left vs. right} limb or branch rules consistently and emphatically apply; to the right of the column, the {left vs. right} rules manifestly do not apply.

The red initiate {beardless youth} held by the angel doesn’t have a clear-cut difference between his two feet, on the right side of the dividing column.

Both of his feet appear to be floating: he is not basing his foundation of control on ordinary-state thinking (which is, initially, naive Possibilism-thinking); his foundation of control-reliance is solely on the angel holding him up by the right arm.

/end of outdated, first-pass November attempt to treat the apparently “floating feet”

The pink initiate {beardless youth} on the right of the table explicitly has both arms resting on the table, each holding a bowl, taking a double dose of Psilocybe.

In the middle of the table are the {bearded, mature men} (completed initiates who have gnosis; wisdom).

Snakes with Legs, and Men with No Limbs

The bearded men do not eat the sacred meal, because they are already completed initiates.

The bearded, mature men have completed initiation to convert from Possibilism to Eternalism-thinking.

They have been de-branched; like the cut-off right branch of the mushroom tree, which is the good, stable, Eternalism model, they show no branching limbs.

Canterbury Psalter, folio 11. Includes unnatural branching as a signal: serpent with legs, and branching under the mushroom cap.

(The image also contains literal depictions of Liberty Cap mushrooms, within a mushroom-tree cap. Or maybe that’s a depiction of an Italian Pine tree, as art historian Brinckmann explained in his 1906 book: artists worked off of templates, which got screwy over the years, as the top art historian Panofsky explained in a letter to Pope-banker Wasson.)

A serpent is non-branching. Ironic mythology, playing with branching and non-branching as a central theme, includes serpents with branching, such as multiple heads, or with legs (branching limbs).

The Concerned Father Bringing His Maiden for Psilocybe Initiation; the Father Depicts an Initiate’s Serious Concern and Reverence

Zoom-in the high-resolution image at the site, to examine everyone’s facial expression. These are capable comic book illustrator monks, creating these images; their facial expressions are significant and meaning-filled.

Expressions at Banquet
  • apprehension
  • reassurance; you passed the Lesser Mysteries exam
  • concern
  • “just finished ingesting double dose; here we go, spiritual brother {virgin maiden} follow me; Lord have mercy and let Your power be revealed to us”

Every figure in the image is aspects of the psalter viewer.

The father-type figure is an aspect of the psalter viewer: the idea of concern: the virgin initiate is about to begin ingesting the mushrooms to have first-hand experiencing of conditional control-stability based on relying on non-branching, and being made to trust in God as the ultimate control-source, rather than relying on the child-mode, branching-possibilities mental worldmodel.

Strict Prerequisites for Ingesting the Banquet: The Lesser-Mysteries Textbook Learning is the Prerequisite, to Successfully Accomplish Full Initiation and Transformation

Important: Implicitly, the maiden has passed the Lesser Mysteries textbook test exam, by the hierophant, as shown far left of top row.

Everyone at this table has prepared by studying Transcendent Knowledge in the ordinary state, as shown on the left side; they have read the present article, in the ordinary state, and the blue man has first-hand experience blading (self-threatening, to revise) his child-thinking.

To be permitted to eat the bowl of mushrooms, the maiden must have previously displayed her right (not left) hand to the examiner (now sitting next to her), her brow was completely un-furrowed, and she placed her right foot on ground, and left foot floating in thin air powerlessly.

The maiden was (like any initiate) first required to fully understand that one must put dependence consciously on the non-branching mental worldmodel, in order to have self-control stability during the mushroom-induced intense mystic altered state.

The {maiden} and her father are anxious, and the religious initiation guide is reassuring and coaching the {maiden} (presumably with prayer for trust and mercy, protection and spiritual regeneration), under the guidance of her father.

The pink initiate displays his empty eating-hand after finishing ingesting his double dose, showing to the maiden that his double dose is now in his stomach and there’s no turning back.

Inventory of Bowls and Assigning Ownership and Timeline
  • No bowls are for the bearded, completed initiates.
  • The white bowl is for the red initiate off to the left, who is being pulled up to god-mode thinking by the angel.
    • From the white bowl of the red initiate, we know that “displayed as empty” means “the initiate has ingested the dose of mushrooms”.
  • The red bowl is certainly for pink initiate, who has left hand closed, on the red bowl.
  • The pink bowl is certainly for the maiden (the Psalter viewer).
    • The {virgin maiden} has never first-hand experienced control-seizure.
    • The maiden is archetypally the initiate, such as the figure hanging on the tree above the sword, and is the psalter viewer in the middle of the entire image. These figures are separate yet same, since all items in religious myth are the generalized initiate.
    • The maiden is about to eat the mushrooms. The maiden is about to begin with her right hand taking the Psilocybe mushrooms which are implicitly in the bowl.
  • The blue bowl is for the pink initiate, who is touching the blue bowl.
    • The palm-up is unnatural like the angle of the white bowl, to signal that we are to solve its meaning.
    • The pink initiate has just finished ingesting a double dose.
      • The pink initiate’s palm up emphatically displayed, his eating-hand, pointedly displayed to be empty like the white bowl. The pink initiate’s right hand is empty, therefore he finished eating two bowls of mushrooms.
    • On the mushroom tree, the red initiate is touching the blue sword of God with left hand, and touching the blue cut-off branch with right hand.
  • The right hand is established as the mushroom-eating hand, based on the maiden.

Empty right hand means that the pink initiate has just finished eating two bowls of psilocybe mushrooms, a double dose.

The virgin maiden initiate sees that the pink initiate (her spiritual brother) has just finished ingesting two bowls, as she (the viewer) is being reassured by the hierophant/ instructor/ examiner and following the course of the pink initiate but in more moderation than him.

Simple States: Completely Done Ingesting, or Just About to Begin Ingesting

Assumption: No one is midway through eating. The states are simple and clear; to communicate simply.

  1. The red initiate is well ahead. Single dose (white bowl).
  2. The pink initiate just finished ingesting the mushrooms. Double dose (red & blue bowl).
  3. The virgin maiden (the psalter viewer) is about to begin eating. Single dose (pink bowl).
The Meaning of the Pink Initiate’s Facial Expression

“I have just finished ingesting a double dose of mushrooms, which are about to kick in. You, virgin maiden, are about to begin ingesting a single dose. We passed the training and exam together. We are spiritual brothers.”

Pink showing his empty right hand is equivalent to sticking out his tongue to display a dose to the virgin maiden initiate, then closing his lips & swallowing, then sticking out his tongue to display none, to her.

The Apprehensive Maiden Is the Viewer; the Reassuring Experienced Religious Guide Is the Monks

Everyone at the table is looking at the {maiden}, and the {maiden} is looking at them. The {maiden} is the common focal point at the meal.

(The angel is not visible to the meal participants.)

All mythemes and mythic figures are aspects of the mind in the altered state.

The viewer identifies with the {maiden} and her concerned, fully initiated father and loved ones.

I suspect that the “women” Maenads, devotees of Dionysus, with unbound hair (loose cognition), revelling in the forest, are either men or women, in women’s clothing.

King Pentheus, to spy on Dionysus’ group, had to dress as a Maenad to fit in; that was the initiates’ dress.  

A common theme in Mystery Religion is {maiden, kore} = initiate, by analogy: “the mind makes itself vulnerable to mystic impregnation, producing new birth spiritually”.

In Mithraism, soldiers dress as woman, for at least one stage of initiation.

Religious Initiation Guide at Banquet

The religious initiation guide is de-branched; showing no limbs, like a non-branching, wise {serpent}.

The bearded men do not show their limbs — they are limb-less, debranched — a mystic joke about branching, like the snake with legs.

The red initiate owns the white bowl that’s emptied of mushrooms; he’s already off the ground, pulled by the angel by his {right arm} (Eternalism-thinking).

The pink initiate owns the red and blue bowls, a double-dose that slowed him down, so he’s following behind the first initiate.

Since the {maiden} isn’t shown on the mushroom tree, she will be third in line to be placed on the mushroom tree by God’s messenger angel, precariously above the sword. The {maiden} rests both limbs (arms or hands) on the table.


To pass through the gate guarded by the {angel} of {death} with {flaming sword}, the price is ego death; repudiating Naive Possibilism, and knowing/affirming Eternalism, so that the mind ends up with Qualified Possibilism.

{Angel, messenger} = communication of cybernetic death-dynamics. The angel from God is the active agent; this communication and lesson is received by, not initiated by, the egoic controller.

Hanging by the Right Leg Above a Sword

Precarious Hanging Above a Sword, Supported by the Right Leg Only

Hanging precariously above a sword by the right leg, with left foot floating, is evidence for Psilocybe representation, by representing the peak effects of Psilocybe.

This diagrammatic image represents by analogies of {branching and non-branching}, {peril}, and {sword} causing {death}, the two models of time and control.

These mythemes describe the Psilocybe-induced phenomena of mental model transformation from the branching Possibilism to the non-branching Eternalism model of time and control, thus confirming that this tri-fold mushroom tree in Christian art specifically represents Psilocybe.

The red initiate {beardless youth} ate the mushrooms in the {banquet}.

The meal and barrier-column area show that the red initiate consumed (emptied) his bowl before the pink initiate, who was still eating his two bowls. The pink initiate is touching the blue bowl and holding the red bowl.

No one is touching the red initiate’s white bowl; it is shown to us as empty, and the red initiate is already being pulled by the angel by his {right arm} (Eternalism-thinking), and is the first initiate to be hung above the sword, while the pink initiate is still eating. The pink initiate will later be placed by the angel to sit at the branch.

The red initiate, pulled into gnosis by the angel, has ended up in a {precarious} position that threatens {death}; control-loss.

The red initiate was pulled by the {angel, messenger} of God, by his {right arm} (Eternalism-thinking), and ended up positioned to hang {precariously, perilously} above a {sword}, {supported by} only his {right leg}, and touching with his {right hand} the {cut-off branch} of the mushroom tree, affirming the truth of non-branching, to {save his life} (restore his viable cybernetic control-stability).

The red initiate’s {left hand} is touching the sword: his {left hand} (Possibilism-thinking) offers no purchase, no power to stop him from falling onto the sword and dying.

The red initiate’s {left hand} (Possibilism-thinking) is cut by the sword, which removes Naive-Possibilism-thinking, the {perishable} part of the mental model, leaving only Qualified-Possibilism, as well as driving the mind to construct and develop Eternalism-thinking.

Eternalism-thinking is the new model of time and control, which is able to endure and conform with the loose cognitive association state from Psilocybe.

Implicitly, the sword cut off the right-hand branch of the mushroom tree, rendering it the correct branch, which is, the “non-branching”, second model of time and control which the mind develops.

The Pink Initiate, Balancing on the Mushroom Tree

The pink initiate {beardless youth}, who is sitting in the {branching} part of the {tree}, {grasps at thin air with his left hand}, and {gestures towards and looks towards} the hanging red initiate’s {foot floating in mid-air}, which gives no support basis to prevent control-loss cybernetic {death} by falling onto God’s {sword}.

The {sword} and the {angel} are connected, because they are both coming from god’s cloud/aura at the same level.

This is equivalent to the angel with flaming sword who guards the gate into the Garden of Eden.

The {left hand} of the pink initiate who is sitting in the {branching} part of the {tree} is {floating in mid-air}; his left hand is grasping at thin air, clenching to try to support himself from falling onto the {sword of death}, but grasping nothing.

The pink initiate is only supported and saved from death by the {cut-off branch} grasped by his {right hand}. His right hand is firmly grasping the {cut branch} which is saving or rescuing him from falling to his {death}.

{Left leg and foot} means the old, naively held Possibilism mental model, naive freewill-premised thinking, which gives no basis for stable, effective personal control power in the loose cognitive state; relying on that mental model in the loose cognitive state produces the threat of cybernetic control instability, {death}.

{Right leg and foot} represents the new, Eternalism mental model, which gives support (on the branch, not the ground, in this case) to prevent from {dying} by falling into the {sword} of cybernetic loss-of-control upon seeing and experiencing that one’s future path of control-thoughts is pre-set, frozen into the block universe.

A mytheme related to {left hand grasping at thin air for support, to save from death} is {idol worship}; freewill-premised, branching Possibilism-thinking has null power, as experienced in the altered state.

The pink initiate’s {right foot} is {secured, stabilized} on a {cut-off branch} (there’s a white line like on the major cut), just as his {right hand} is {securely} clutching a {cut off branch} within the branching half of the tree.

The loose cognitive association state characteristically makes creative, fluid, fluent analogies.

The pink initiate’s {left hand} and {left foot} are floating in thin air, not {securing} him from falling to his {death} on the {sword}.

A deliberate contrast is shown: instead of the pink initiate’s {left hand} being shown as behind the stem, thus grabbing onto it for support, his left hand is in front of that stem, explicitly on the wrong side of the stem, the hand displayed as clenched and {grabbing onto nothing}, {giving him no security}, rendering his left hand useless and {impotent to stabilize} him.

His hand is displayed, explicitly underlined as not behind the stem where one would want it to be, to provide {secure stability}. 

If the far stem weren’t too far away, he could be pressing the back of his {left hand} against that stem to provide stability.

The consistent intention would be clearer if his hand were floating against a gold backdrop. But the artist uses the “wrong side” contrast instead.

The artist contrasts, “hand on wrong side of stem”, and the stem is sufficiently far away and his arm is angled toward us, to indicate that his {left hand} is floating in mid-air, not reaching around to grab the stem.

Be sure to look closely, using high-resolution fullscreen zoom; it pays off; this high art is extremely deliberate, in various significant, crucial points. The details are packed and loaded with significance.

The Red Initiate, Hanging from the Mushroom Tree

The right-hand mushroom, the hanging red initiate’s {right foot} (Eternalism thinking), and the {sword} of cybernetic self-control {death} all touch the realm of God.

His right foot is touching God’s cloud, as if standing on and supported by God’s veiled power. He’s not supported and saved by the branching, by Possibilism, but rather, by a serpent-like, non-branching stem.

The {serpentine non-branching long stem} is good for control-stability, equivalent to {non-branching, cut-off-branch}; it describes by analogy, through its shape, the non-branching worldline in the block universe.

The {life-threatening} {sword}, that threatens self-control loss, {wrath} of God, comes from God’s {cloud} that prevents directly seeing God’s transcendent power.

God is demonstrating his {wrath}, {threatening} the initiate to teach him to stop relying on freewill-premised, Possibilism-premised control-thinking.

Personal control power, the wrathful threat of control-instability (cybernetic {death}), the {merciful} return of control-stability ({imperishable life}), and mental transformation ({gnosis; message from angel}) all come from the realm of {God} the ultimate controller, as experienced, revealed, and apprehended in the loose cognitive state from Psilocybe.

The hanging initiate’s {left hand} is on the far side of the sword, dangling in mid-air, offering no support, so that he would fall onto the sword and {die} if he tried to rely on his left hand; Possibilism-thinking.

The hanging initiate’s {right hand} touches the cut-off trunk-stem; understanding non-possibility-branching Eternalism provides stable self-control cybernetics.

Blades to Transform Thinking

The mushroom {tree} comes with a {sword}, a {blade}. It’s a package deal. Here’s the specific, directly identified nature of the {blade} of {sacrifice} to become {blessed} and {regenerate}.

Hyper-Inspired Psalter Reader with Self-Testing and Self-Mercy

The Psalter reader in the peak intense altered state views this image.

The self-threatening Bible reader, or Psalter image viewer, is the central focal point of the entire image.

Five figures focus on the hyper-inspired Psalter image viewer:
o The bow man with arrowhead inches away from the Psalter image viewer’s head.
o The sword man, who is unsheathing or re-sheathing his sword.
o The bow man who is relenting, backing off, and breaking his bow.
o {charitable mercy and good judgment}.

The Psalter image viewer is the same man as the initiation guide, who is reassuring and en-couraging the uneasy {maiden} (initiate), who is the viewer of this image.

The teacher is testing the student’s thinking. The teacher is the same man as the Psalter image viewer, who is testing his own thinking.

The mind stably relies only on the {right leg}, which is, Eternalism-thinking, about time, possibility, and control.

The mind’s self-control is put to the test, but reasonably judges, with {charitable mercy based on good judgment}, relenting and breaking the bow, upon purging the illusion of branching possibilities: {left leg}, Naive-Possibilism-thinking.

The viewer of this image in the Psalter, is shown within this image, viewing the Psalter, and thinking about the meaning of the red initiate above him hanging by the {right leg only}, on mushrooms, above God’s sword, while the viewer’s mind {unsheathes the sword of sacrifice} and at the same time, pleads the case for {charitable mercy and good judgment} for the viewer’s mind and well-being.

The mystic reader (as the red initiate) {breaks his bow} (he backs off from self-control system violation), and receives the thought, the transcendent message, like the {angel} said of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his {child} Isaac, which would prevent God’s promise of health and fecundity from coming true:

The angelic thought is sent into the mind: “This mind has demonstrated right, coherent thinking about personal control. For an appropriate, blessed sacrifice that matches this correct, coherent thinking, here is a ram that got himself trapped helplessly in a thicket.”

The {sacrifice of the ram} is the Bible paradigm of sacrifice that sustains life unharmed; yielding corrected, blessed thinking about control and time.

Genesis 22:12-13 (KJV) —

“he said, Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou any thing unto him: for now I know that thou fearest God, seeing thou hast not withheld thy son, thine only son from me. And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son.”

From folio 12 of the Psalter.

Abraham then sacrificed the ram on the altar of {rocks} (block universe), and Abraham and his child-thinking walked away unharmed and healthy, yet thinking rightly about control and time.

Genesis 22:8-18 — The Sacrifice of Isaac’s thicket-caught ram;NIV

Genesis 22:12-13 — The Sacrifice of Isaac’s thicket-caught ram — the angel/ram verses only:;NIV

The angel’s message, the saving thought: do not harmfully violate self-control; rather, repudiate reliance on freewill-thinking; convert from Naive-Possibilism to Eternalism (+ Qualified-Possibilism), as the model of time, possibility, and control that endures and is true and stable.

The soldiers {unsheathing God’s sword}; the intensely inspired Bible reader; and {charitable mercy based on good judgment}, are all the viewer in the mystic state; the mind probing and testing its control-model, and relenting upon repudiating Naive-Possibilism and converting to Eternalism + Qualified-Possibilism.

{child} = childhood-appropriate self-control thinking, based on illusory and incoherent, branching-possibility, freewill-premised control, which proves powerless when put to the test, and cancels itself out in the intense mystic altered state.

Gentle {lamb}, {dove} and {Holy Spirit}, Contrasted with {ram}, {eagle}, and {frenzy} or {mania}

Contrasted with {lamb} and {dove}, the mythemes {ram} and {eagle} have connotations of harm, such as {burning the ram on the altar}, during or after the climactic, final full demonstration of nullity, vulnerability, and cancellation of self-control power.

The mind is made to demonstrate its inability to control itself, in order to eliminate Possibilism-thinking, and receive its mature form of mental worldmodel: Eternalism-thinking together with Qualified-Possibilism-thinking.

In this transformation struggle, or {wrestling with an angel}, the mind is made to purify and purge itself of {sin}, {impurity}, and {pollution}; this way, the mind is finally rid of self-contradiction about self-control.

Compare the violent connotations or tone of Zeus’ {eagle} who abducts the {youth} Ganymede by force, along with {frenzy} and {mania} (the altered state); versus the {power of the Holy Spirit} (the intense, cybernetically overpowering altered state) figured as a gentle, peaceful, harmless {dove}.

Compare the powerful {ram} of Isaac, versus the gentle, non-harm-toned analogy of Jesus as {lamb}.

Together, the mythemes {Holy Spirit} as a {dove} instead of Zeus’ {eagle}, and Isaac’s {ram} now figured as a gentle {lamb}, emphasize the angelic thought that saves the completed mystic from harm, “do not harm the child”, while the mind is finally purged of the remnants of Naive-Possibilism-thinking.

The heavily inspired Psalter viewer may be looking at an image of the sacrifice of the ram that got himself stuck helplessly in a thicket.

The {arrowhead} of testing the mind’s mode of thinking is aimed straight at the inspired Bible reader’s head from inches away, while {charitable mercy} and {good judgment} are taken into consideration from the other side.

{charitable mercy} and {good judgment} in the mystic’s mind encourage the mind to do no more than sufficient, adequate demonstration of the control-vulnerability of the freewill-premised, branching-possibilities model of control and time.

{good judgment and charitable mercy} {holds up her palm}, asking the mind’s sword-men and bow-men to relent, have mercy, and not harmfully violate the personal self-control system. The red initiate, in compliance with this reasonable, saving idea, {breaks his bow}.

The reasonable pleading tone of {charitable mercy} and {good judgment} is that very tone of God’s angel telling Abraham that he has obeyed God rightly, and to go sacrifice the provided, isomorphic, ram that got himself caught helplessly in a thicket.

During the altered-state initiation into adult thinking, the mind is innately designed to put its power and integrity of self-control to the test, in order to drive itself with force, to convert to the non-branching, Eternalism model of control and time, while yet keeping the original, illusion-based, incoherent model of time and control fully intact and usable, unharmed.

{Foot/base of column} represents stability. The inspired Bible reader’s chair rests on the right side of the base of the column. This is a stable zone, a stable space, with two columns under God.

{charitable mercy} and {good judgment} rest on, and are based on, the foot of the stable column.

The intensely inspired Bible reader is both reading the Bible — viewing the present Psalter image in this illuminated manuscript — and receiving revelation through the Holy Spirit.

The inspired Bible reader’s right foot is on the ground, left foot floating in thin air; he knows the Egodeath theory.

{God’s wrath} & {God’s mercy}

The arrowhead and spear are aimed pointedly at the inspired Bible reader’s head.

The arrowhead and sword are directly below God’s sword.

The {unsheathed sword} is parallel with {God’s sword}; the intensely inspired Bible reader is in the same situation as the red initiate who is hanging supported by his {right leg} above {God’s sword} of cybernetic self-cancellation.

The contemplative Bible reader in a state of intense Psilocybe inspiration, has been placed on the de-branched mushroom tree by the {angel}, messenger of God’s control, to test and correct his control-thinking.

Full Comic Book Page

Inventory of Rows 2 & 3

Characterization-inventory of rows 2 & 3:

Row 2, left: war with blades, arrowhead touching sword to affirm same meaning; below God’s sword.
Row 2, middle: intensely inspired mystic-state Bible reader.
Row 2, right: grain, harvested, for sustenance (below the sacred banquet of Psilocybe).

Row 3, left: happy cybercide with sword.
Row 3, middle-left: reaping; scythe blade for harvesting ripened grain (mystic analogy for harvesting the developed egoic thinking to convert it to transcendent thinking).
Row 3, middle-right: sharpen that harvesting blade, plowing with blade.
Row 3, right: sowing grain; here a mystic analogy for teaching and learning spiritual, mystical things like the Egodeath theory; Analogical Psychedelic Eternalism.

Exam: Analyze These Images

This entire image includes sloppy, random, purely whimsical art; silly, with no meaning, and inept, at that — in such a way that accidentally, a pattern is followed, referring to the very highest realm of experiencing and revelation.

Attending the sacred meal banquet requires passing this exam.

During preparation for initiation, the religious initiation teacher examines the student’s mode of thinking, to ensure he is prepared for self-testing of his control-basis; for testing his attribution of the origin of his mind’s control-thoughts.

Exam Question 1: Inventory of the man with sword

Inventory of the man with sword:
o {mytheme} — referent aspect of loose cognitive experiencing
Hint: {left … } — x model of y
o ___________________________
o ___________________________
o ___________________________
o ___________________________

Exam Question 2: Commentary on the man with scythe

Exam Question 2: Provide Commentary on the man with scythe:
Hint: hand … from the row above

Rows 2 & 3 feel like a dessert, a game, to apply the rules from row 1 and look for high art Mystery jokes.

All details in the picture take on a High Mystery puzzle aspect; such as a guy floating with both feet off the ground, who looks like the mystic-state Bible reader. Maybe it’s just cannabis.

Sharpening the Sacrificial Blade

See the section in the supporting article:
Isaaac, the Effective Type of Sacrificing, Removing Only What Is Actually Repudiated: Control Mis-thinking

Humorless, dour people cannot crack the code — it is the wrong mentality. Can the comic book artist make it any clearer?

All mythemes refer to aspects of the mind in the entheogen-induced, loose-cognitive, altered state.

From top to bottom row, the blade-dense middle band:
Row 1: God’s sword of ego death.
Row 2 top: Unsheathing the mind’s sword to demonstrate the control-violation vulnerability; aiming the mind’s bow & arrow to drive the mental transformation about the source of control.
Row 2 bottom: Cybercide. Mystic comedy. Happy Sacrificing!
Row 3: Sharpen the mind’s scythe — egoic freewill-premised Possibilism-thinking is ripe and ready for the bountiful harvest of gnosis.

Two guys are both stabbing themselves happily, communicating a positive, winking sense, un-serious yet of highest, ultimate profundity and classic mythic drama.

The duplication of the {self-stabbing} image signals that these images are meaningful and relevant, not just whimsical.

This joking yet ultimate, transformative experiencing goes beyond mere “epic”, to full-on mythic level.

Unsheath the Sharpened Sword of Scripture

Arrow tip as a blade: In Mithraism, the Father (initiator) would aim the bow and arrow at the initiate. 5 blades are shown below.


{Piercing the right side wound}, means demonstrating the vulnerability of the freewill-premised, branching-based model of control, in order to drive mental regeneration.

{piercing} the {wound} of {death and regeneration} is, exposing the flaw of the mind’s control model which is based on the initial childish assumption of branching possibilities.

Self-threat by the {blade} means probing how control-thinking works, to cause regeneration of the mental model of control.

By such testing and probing of its control vulnerability, the mind learns to attribute God as the ultimate source of thoughts, and thus properly and coherently place trust in God, rather than trying to keep trusting in and relying on the vaporous {idol} illusion of autonomous personal control agency.

Happy cybernetician with his right foot solidly on the ground and on the foot of the stable support column.

His left foot floats in thin air.

Esoteric Christian Prayers
Jonah’s prayer from within the ketos (short sea serpent)
“Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God’s love for them. But I, with shouts of grateful praise, will sacrifice to you. Salvation comes from the Lord.”

Sharpen the Scythe, the Crop Is Ripe for the Harvest

Mytheme: {blade & harvest} = ripe for sacrifice, to gain Eternalism

Mytheme: {spear/dagger/wound} = cybernetic death & rebirth

Foot Down or Raised, Column Foot, Mushroom Hem

1. {Left or right foot: up or down} throughout the entire image represents Possibilism vs. Eternalism.
{left foot down} means Possibilism (that is, knowing only Naive-Possibilism).
{right foot down} means Eternalism (along with Qualified Possibilism).

2. {Standing on column foot-base} represents that the mind’s control system has been transformed to Eternalism (along with fully-functioning, Qualified Possibilism) in the altered state, to become consciously based on a solid stable foundation that is durable within the Psilocybe loosecog state during control-testing/probing and mental-model revision in that altered state.

3. These hem-wrinkle images represent mushrooms.

4. These varying-reasonableness hem-wrinkle images represent that yes, there is a convention, of a sliding scale of how hidden/revealed the literal mushroom shapes are.

Hem 1

Hem 2 (foot on column)

Hem 3 (also: right feet down on the solid ground, left feet floating in thin air)

Hem 4 (also: right foot on solid ground and column foundation, left foot powerless in thin air)

He’s a nice guy, but the oxen have more wisdom.

The sower’s left foot supports him, and right foot floats (that’s backwards).

The sower’s left hand is secured on the cut-off branch of the grain-container, and his right hand floats (that’s backwards).

God the Ultimate Controller of Control-Thoughts

Sword Piercing God’s Cloud in God’s Right Side

God’s {sword of death}, cybernetic self-control cancellation and violation, is piercing into God’s cloud, instead of coming out from it.

Theology of Sword Piercing God’s Cloud in the Right Side

To positively identify the mushroom tree in Christian art as Psilocybe, the greatest analytical power we can bring, to apply in order to judge that question, would be the highest, most fully sophisticated esoteric theology of cybernetic ego death; so I here lay that out, plainly and directly summarized, to explain how {God’s sword of correction} works.

This is what the red initiate is thinking, mystic thoughts that are caused by and distinctive of entheogens, not by an ersatz sacred meal of merely grocery-store mushrooms.

Being a classic entheogen, that causes loose cognitive association binding, Psilocybe causes these types of thoughts, about self-control cybernetics, thoughts which match the analogies that are depicted by the picture’s mythemes, thus proving that the mushroom tree is Psilocybe, not grocery-store mushrooms.

{God’s cloud} is being pierced by God’s {sword of death}. The monks who designed the picture show God’s cloud pierced by the sword in the right side.

The initiate is made to threaten their own self-control so as to violate it so as to cause the mind to switch its attribution of its control-foundation source.

The mind is made to change to:

o The non-possibility-branching, Eternalism model, depending on and trusting in the actual source of control-thoughts

instead of:

o Futile and irrational {praying for rescue} by the {grasping-at-thin-air idol} of freewill-premised personal control power, per the Possibilism model of control, possibility-branching, and time.

The mind is caused by God to pierce itself in its vulnerable side, to gain correct, coherent thinking, fundamental integrity and coherence; made to sacrifice one’s child-thinking.

God sacrifices his son, the king ruling over all the cosmos, in the same pattern, relevantly isomorphic with the self-sacrifice, sufficient demonstration that the mind is made to do to eliminate the illusion and self-contradiction of branching-possibility control-thinking.

In cybernetic {death}, the mind receives control-thoughts that cause the mind to violate and cancel its own power, by the initiative of the uncontrollable higher controller.

The {blade of sacrifice} pierces the {right side} of God’s cloud.

God is being pierced by the {sword of death and regeneration} in his right side.

The {right side} is where the self-control system has a vulnerable opening, through which {death and regeneration} occurs, producing gnosis; Transcendent Knowledge, mental model transformation from Naive-Possibilism, to Eternalism alongside with Qualified-Possibilism preserved and affirmed as blessed.

God is being {pierced by a blade in his right side}, while pulling-in the red initiate, whose control foundation {right foot} is in God’s cloud, while sending out a message scroll to the mystic-state Bible reader.

The sword is not shown with handle coming out from God’s cloud, cutting the mushroom tree’s right branch.

Inventory of items coming from God’s cloud

There is a lot of key activity in the bottom band of the center of the image.

The sword and angel come from the cloud in symmetric positioning.

Inventory of items in the bottom band of the center of the image:
Pink tree cut-branch & bottom of branching
Mushroom tree cut-branch & bottom of branching
Sword in cloud
God’s right hand pointing down to stable ground, vs. left hand in thin air
Head of red initiate
Right hand of red initiate touching cut-branch
Left hand of red initiate floating in thin air
Red/white disc below God
Bottom of cloud/aura around God
Red initiate pulled by angel, to hang on tree
Red initiate’s feet above pillar base, on the ordinary-state side
Angled Liberty Cap shape in God’s garment under left arm (check Psalter conventions)

A separate “cloud-touching” inventory covers items such as the scroll coming down from God’s cloud, and the red initiate’s right foot.

God — The Uncontrollable Hidden Controller; the Creator and Source of All Control-Thoughts

Items touching God’s cloud:
o Mushroom cap with branches on the underside.
o Red initiate’s right foot, toes go into cloud.
o Sword tip goes into, or comes from, cloud.
o The funnel hat of the mystic-state Bible reader.
o Scroll.
o Angel, legs come from cloud, right hip/leg shown, angel’s wing.

God’s {left hand} (the Possibilism mental model) is lifted up {dangling in mid-air}, offering no support, and his {right hand} (the Eternalism mental model) points down to the {ground}, which provides firm support for self-control cybernetic stability in the mushroom-induced, loose cognitive association state.

In the loose cognitive state, the mind can perceive and experience God’s power, as the hidden, uncontrollable source and creator of control-thoughts, embedded in the non-branching spacetime block.


Cyberdisciple did the following:
o Located the high-resolution Canterbury Psalter.
o Found the folio page which contains this image.
o Contributed some decodings; interpretation solutions.
o Peer-reviewed the article.
o Provided an outline scheme for types of evidence, from literal description of the mushroom’s physical form, to analogies describing the mushroom’s physical form, to analogies describing the effects of mushrooms.

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