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Concepts Collection

Idea Development

Flagship Articles

The Egodeath Theory
Mushrooms in Art

The Egodeath Theory


Altered State

Block Universe

Control Transformation


History of Development


Mythemes Decoded

Entheogen History
Rock Lyrics

Esoteric Initiation

Entheogen Scholarship

Flagship Articles
Supporting articles for the above articles
Recommendations for the Field
Wouter Hanegraaff – Western Esotericism
Various Entheogen Scholars


Great Mushroom Psalter
Mushrooms in Art
Mushroom Photos
Non-Mushroom Themes in Art

Repealing Prohibition

Training Requirements
Supporting-Evidence for Repeal

Yahoo Group
Site created 2021-01-09. Contain all 183 HTML Digest files/pages, from 2001-2020.

There are 3 places to search my writings:

  • Egodeath Yahoo Group archives
    2001-Feb. 14, 2004 is also at, one webpage per Subject thread, no dates.
    2004-2007 might have partial overlap of the Egodeath Yahoo Group &

This will restrict Search scope to either 2020+ WordPress content, or 2001-2020 Yahoo Group content.


Transcendent Knowledge Podcast

Max Freakout

The Egodeath Mystery Show

Books, Articles, Videos

Books: The Cybernetic theory
Books: Entheogen Scholarship
Books: Meta-Theory
Books: Mystery Religions
Books: Mythemes
Books: Contemporary Esotericism
Sites: Mythology

Superseded URLs

Core Egodeath Theory
Mytheme Decoding

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